Monday, July 26, 2010

Bronzer Talk

I'm almost finish with my NARS Laguna bronzer and i'm so fed up with Sephora Riyadh they are always out of Laguna come on this is insane
So I'm on to the next one
i'm eyeing 2 products right now Benefit Hoola bronzer and smashbox Fusion Soft Lights i can't decide which one i want i think the swatches well be more useful
Pls if you tries them let me now!
بلشري نارس قرب يخلص وطفشت كل ما اروح سيفورا الرياض ما القاه فقررت اغيره
حاطه عيني علي برونزي بنفت او سماش بوكس ابي شيء لمعته مرااا خفيفه ويصلح كنتور وبرونزي بنفس الوقت واهم شيء من دون لون برتقالي
ان شاء الله اقرب وقت اروح فيسس الرياض واشوفهم راح يكون احسن
بليز اي احد مستخدمهم يقولي رايه فيهم


K said...

You've had the same problem I did! I actually tried the HOOLA because everyone was raving about it. But the problem with HOOLA is that it went on more like a powder than a bronzer for me because it was too light. It looked darker in the pan than it was on my face. I could kind of get an effect if I kept building it, but it took a LOT and it looked too obvious at that point. So, I really do prefer the Smashbox.

Anonymous said...

@ K Thanks 4 the comment