Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peacocks london

If you follow me on
Twitter you well know that i went shopping ysterday with my family
I'm trying to save money so i didn't go wild so i went to Peacocks london anyone from the UK will recognize the store
BTW they having 75% SALE
Look what i found 0_0 i took the picture with my iphone
Come on Peacocks this so obvious lol

اذا كنتوا متابعيني ب تويتر راح تعرفون اني امس طلعت المول صحاري مول الرياض
ورحت لمحل بيكاكس وصورت هذي الصور مطلعين شنطه مثل بلنسياقا بالضبط
في اختلاف بسيط بس تشبه لهاا
وعلي فكره المحل مسوي تخفيضات75 بالميه


FunnyFaceBeauty said...


Just came across your blog. If you have a chance, please check out my blog. I am currently having a contest for 6 m.a.c products. It ends on Wednesday :)

M!Ss N0Na said...

Ok i will Thanks

Fashion-rocks said...

I love peacocks but I have never been to london one. great post.

M!Ss N0Na said...

@Fashion-Rocks Thanks for your comment