Friday, August 13, 2010


Hi everyone i went shopping yesterday i was looking 4 a bronzer cause I'm almost out of my NARS Laguna which i love the most the problem with is it's sold out in Sephora Riyadh all the time
So i was like lets try another one i had my eyes on Benefit Hoola bronzer and smashbox Fusion Soft Lights
I had doubt on hoola so i check Smashbox i thought it was Ok but it was so pricy !!
it's 50% more than M.A.C bronzer in Riyadh which i thought was STUPID
I went to M.A.C i saw the Refined Gold from to the beach collection
PS: Refined Gold is Permeant $22.00
امس طلعت اتسوق كنت ابي برونزي لان البرونز الي استخدمه قرب يخلص نارس لقونا مراا حلو وعاجبني مشكلته كل ما اروح لسيفورا القاه مخلص
فقررت اشتري واحد ثاني
كنت حاطه عيني علي سماش بوكس او بنفت عجبني سماش بوكس حسيت انه اوكي بس سعره ماعجبني ولا حبيت اغامر 160 ريال سعودي بفيسس
فرحت لماك واخذت البرونزر هذا من كولكشن سعره 109 ريال سعودي

M·A·C Bronzing Powder in Refined Gold $22

Compare between M.A.C and NARS Bronzer ?
It's seems that M.A.C had a gold pigment and 1 shade lighter
NARS is a bit Darker with no pigment ,brown

الفرق بين البرونزي حق ماك ونارس ؟
ماك فيه شوي لمعه ذهبيه خفيفه ولونه افتح شوي
نارس مافيه لمعه ولونه اغنق شوي

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