Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weight lost weekly update,How i lost 3 KG and My diet ?

Hi everyone i hope your doing great
I'm back doing my diet again i stopped for 2-3 month but I'm back again
Starting over is so hard ,The first week is the hardest if you survive it everything gonna be OK trust me
My diet is : less bread (when i say less bread i mean only 2 slice of toast bread the whole day BROWN of course)
More Vegetable ,fruit and protein
I will start my day with a slice of brown bread ,cup of yogurt (Low fat) and tea
after 2 hours i will drink GREEN TEA with MINT a big cup
Lunch : vegetable soup , BBQ chicken ( chicken breast one slice ) and salad
after 2 hours GREEN TEA with MINT
Dinner : Salad , Fruit and milk or yogurt
Whenever i feel hungry i will eat salad or fruit
I don't drink soda even diet , Juice ( I make my own home made juice i never pay it from super market even the NO SUGRE )
I cooke al my meals at home
I lost 3 KG = 6.6 LB
I want to lose another 3 KG at the moment
My Goal is 10 KG

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