Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Lost 7lbs =3.5 KG in 4 days

I'm so happy The past 4 days i did the fruit diet which is 4 days of eating just fruit as many as you like(one fruit a day like the whole day you eat apple and the next day you eat orange with a salad and coffee or tea )
What i did is the first day i ate strawberry and salad the 2nd , 3rd and the 4th i ate watermelon with no salad and tea mostly green tea
Today is my first day of the new diet cause every 7 days a new one july 15
So i will keep updating my weight lost
Wish me a good luck


Anonymous said...

its interesting to see an arab beauty blog! what i dont get is, why are you not blogging in arabic? it'd give your blog more of an edge over the other beauty blogs out there! keep up the good work XOXO

M!Ss N0Na said...

Oh Thanx